Casumo – The pioneers of online casino adventures

It seems like online gambling has become somewhat of a cookie cutter business. This means that many online casino sites look and feel the same in 2016, and work in much the same way too. This is a bit of a problem, because it also means that there are too many boring and mundane websites that clog up the casino landscape and kill innovation dead in its tracks. There is also a small upside though, as it means that great casinos stand out even more and can really make a name for themselves with ease. One such casino that came along when the industry needed a real “kick” the most was Casumo. Casumo promised that they can erase player boredom and have been built from scratch to be something unique and fun.

casumo1I’ve seen and reviewed a lot of casinos in my time and I can openly say that I’ve never quite seen anything like Casumo before. This is because it gives you a lot more than just a regular casino experience. Instead of being built around a single game or anything like that, Casumo is built around the whole adventure of online gambling. Casumo advertises to players that they can earn valuables and trophies to unlock new levels and planets. Players are rewarded with free spins and no deposit cash just for playing. To put it simply, the more time and money you give to Casumo the more they reward you for your efforts. I can’t claim to fully understand how their online casino adventure game works, but I can tell you that it really is a whole lot of fun to play.

The game keeps you engaged as you earn trophies and make your way through the 40 levels, getting stuck into every inch of the Casumo story along the way. The Casumo reward scheme is also truly impressive. While you might have seen other online casino rewards programs before you’ve never seen something quite like Casumo in the past. Almost everything that you do contributes towards your progress to the next level and each achievement is presented to you on screen, so you really get the feeling that you’re working on something that is “big picture”.

The Casumo online adventure is powered through NetEnt, so you know for sure that you’re getting a high quality gaming experience. Everything is put together using Flash, including the live dealer casino games, so you can play these games through any web browser without the no need to download anything. Though there are some games on the website that are created by unnamed developers, which do work to spice things up a bit.

casumodealAfter reading the review of Casumo that UK casino guide Slotssons.com published, I decided to take the plunge and join the casino, and I was given a major sign-up incentive, in the form of 20 no deposit free spins. The ‘Welcome Bonus’ was an up to £1,200 sign-up bonus matching. This bonus came along with a 25x wagering requirement and 200 free spins. Not many casino sites actually present you with a notable bonus option, so hats off to Casumo for that.

There are so many mundane casino sites clogging up the Internet, to the point that even I have trouble getting excited when a new online casino comes along. I’m really glad that there’s a new casino that has tried to do something fresh and different. Other casinos have tried and failed to perfect the adventure theory, but now Casumo have come along and done just that. They’ve put together a great online casino experience and it’s hard to think of any major faults that the casino has. If you’re interested in trying something new then head on over to Casumo today, as odds are this casino online will have you on the edge of your seat.